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Want to access your pet's medical records? Well if your pet is a patient at Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic, access to your pets' records is as easy as ever.

Our Clinic App!

By downloading our clinic app, you can quickly request appointments, request medication and food refills, two-way chat with a staff member, see your pets' upcoming services, and download your pets' vaccine certificate right to your phone! To get the app, go to your app store and search for Pet Health Network. Download the app and type in our clinic name. Once you enter the requested information, you'll be all set to start using the app!

The Pet Health Network app icon looks like this:


Another resource available to our clients is Petly.com. With Petly, you can request appointments, request medication and food refills, access your pets' vaccine information, access your pets' exam notes and lab reports (available upon request), and access a library of pet health articles consisting of thousands of online resources that can help answer some of your most pressing pet health questions. Once established with our clinic, you can go to petly.com and insert your email address that we have on file for you. Set up your password and you'll be all set!