Everything for your Pet

Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic strives to offer a full range of comprehensive services that meet the needs of all our patients. We combine traditional services, such as senior care, wellness exams and vaccinations with cutting edge services such as behavior consultations, acupuncture and laser therapy. To learn more scroll through our services listed below or call us today!


Pet Wellness Exams

Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic’s doctors perform a comprehensive physical exam on all new patients and on every patient before administering vaccinations. Wellness exams frequently uncover small problems that may go undetected by an owner but can be a big aggravation to a pet, such as a broken or loose tooth.

Senior Semi-Annual Exams

Once pets reach 8 years of age, Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic recommends twice a year wellness exams. Pets age more quickly than people and it is much better to catch problems early in older pets.

Sick Pet Exams

When your pet is sick and comes into our clinic a complete physical exam is performed. Even though you may have only noticed a red, itchy ear, it is important to take a thorough look at your pet to be sure we uncover the root of the problem.

Drop-Off Option

Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic offers a drop-off appointment option for the convenience of our busy clients. Your pet can be dropped off at our clinic as early as 7:30am on weekdays with a prearranged appointment. You can then go to work or run your errands and our doctors will examine and treat your pet and call you when your pet is ready to be picked up. If it is more convenient to leave your pet with us for the day and pick up after work, we are happy to day board your pet for no additional charge. To make the drop-off process even more efficient, you can complete our drop-off consent form at home and bring it with you when you drop off your pet. This service is available to existing clients only. New clients are always scheduled a regular appointment to meet with the doctor on their first visit. After that they can choose the drop-off option as well.


Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic’s doctors perform routine surgeries such as spays, neuters, and lump removals in our well-equipped operating room. All surgical patients are monitored by a highly-trained veterinary technician during their procedure. All surgical patients are on continuous EKG monitoring and oxygen saturation monitors during surgery. Our doctors use the safest anesthesia methods and most effective pain management medications available. Some of the surgeries we perform include bladder stone removal, cherry eye surgery, skin tumor removal and ear hematoma surgery. Advanced surgeries, such as orthopedic surgeries, are referred to a local Board-certified surgeon.

Pet Dentistry

Studies show that 85% of adult pets have periodontal disease. If left untreated, dental disease leads to pain, bad breath, tooth loss and serious medical conditions. Pets cannot brush their own teeth, so they rely on us to keep their teeth healthy and treat problems when they arise. Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic takes dental care for our patients seriously. We have state-of–the-art dental equipment including a specialized dental X-ray unit. With this equipment we can diagnose problems under the gum line, like a broken tooth root, that are undetectable by ordinary oral examinations. Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic performs routine dental cleanings on cats and dogs and we also perform all types of dental extractions, including complicated extractions that require specialized dental equipment and dental X-rays. Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic also has an exciting new dental cleaning option for pets that are calm and friendly and will tolerate a dental hygienist cleaning their teeth without sedation. Call us to learn more about this exciting new option.


Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic can perform many in-house diagnostic tests within minutes, which helps us reach a diagnosis for your pet quickly. Our laboratory can perform blood tests including complete blood counts, blood chemistry panels, heartworm tests and feline leukemia/FIV tests on-site in a few minutes. We also perform fecal parasite tests, urinalyses, fungal cultures and many other laboratory diagnostics in our hospital. We utilize an outside laboratory for biopsies and some of the more unusual diagnostic tests.


Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic has a state of the art in-house digital(DR) X-ray system. Our specialized x-ray equipment provides us with accurate and speedy results which helps us in the diagnosis of many diseases and traumas.


Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic maintains a complete pet pharmacy on-site and we pride ourselves on quick turnaround on prescription refills.


The doctors at Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic tailor vaccination protocols to your pet based on his/her lifestyle. For instance, indoor cats do not need the full complement of feline vaccines because they have reduced exposure to other cats. Dogs that visit doggie daycare or boarding kennels need to receive Bordetella vaccinations more frequently than dogs that stay at home. Pets with a history of allergic reactions to a vaccine also need special considerations.


Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic provides hospitalization for pets following surgery and for pets that are too ill to be cared for at home. Every patient that is hospitalized at Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic during an illness receives a daily physical exam by the doctor to assess response to treatment and closely monitor for new developments. Pets that are very ill are transferred to a nearby 24 hour critical care facility for intensive overnight care if needed.

Emergency Services

Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic sees daytime emergencies during our normal office hours. Please call ahead if possible so that we can be ready to treat your pet when you walk in the door. After hours emergencies are referred to a 24 hour Emergency and Critical Care Hospital nearby. Tampa: BluePearl in Tampa, formerly named Florida Veterinary Specialists 3000 Busch Lake Boulevard | Tampa, Florida 33614 Phone: (813) 933-8944 | Fax: (813) 936-9595 Brandon: BluePearl in Brandon, formerly named Florida Veterinary Specialists 607 Lumsden Professional Court | Brandon, Florida 33511 Phone: (813) 571-3303 | Fax: (813) 571-3373 Clearwater: BluePearl in Clearwater, formerly named Florida Veterinary Specialists 4525 Ulmerton Road | Clearwater, Florida 33762 Phone: (727) 572-0132 | Fax: (727) 572-4365


A microchip is a safe and permanent form of identification for your pet. Millions of pets have been reunited with their owners over the last decade thanks to microchips. The microchip is no bigger than a grain of rice and is implanted under the skin in just a few seconds. The process is similar to your pet receiving an injection and can be performed during a regular veterinary visit.

Pet Nutrition

All pets benefit greatly from a healthy diet free of by-products and preservatives and Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic recommends several brands of pet food that fit this description. These pet foods come in dry kibble or canned form and are different from most other pet foods because they are made with human grade ingredients, contain no by-products, no chemical preservatives and no corn or wheat fillers. Some pets with specific medical conditions require prescription diets to help control their symptoms. Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic carries Hill’s Prescription Diets and Royal Canin Prescription Diets.

Health Certificates

The veterinarians at Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic have obtained special USDA Accreditation and are certified to provide health certificates for travel for companion animals. Pets traveling by plane within the U.S. typically need a health certificate to fly. Pets traveling internationally need a health certificate and often extra specialized paperwork to enter the foreign country. The veterinarians at Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic are experienced at preparing your pet and all the required documents for travel to international destinations. We have assisted clients in taking their pets to a number of foreign countries including Colombia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, England, Switzerland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and many Caribbean islands including the Cayman Islands, St. Maarten, the Bahamas, and Bermuda.

Laser Therapy

Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic has a Class IV K-Laser for treating inflammatory issues in pets. Laser Therapy is the use of specific wavelengths of energy to create therapeutic effects. Treatment improves healing time, reduces pain, increases circulation and decreases swelling. Laser Therapy has been widely used in Europe since the 70’s and since it’s FDA clearance in 2002 has become widely used in the United States. Laser therapy offers a cutting edge way to promote natural healing and pain relief. We use the same laser system that is used by many universities and professional sports teams. Pets with the following problems benefit from Laser Therapy: Hip pain, back and neck pain caused by bulging or herniated discs, osteoarthritis, wound healing, post-surgical recovery, lick granulomas, tendonitis, bursitis, burns, chronic ear infections, sinusitis, anal sacculitis, and many more.


Acupuncture may be defined as the insertion of needles into specific points on the body to produce a healing response. This technique has been used in veterinary medicine for thousands of years and has gained much popularity in the West over the last decade. Our staff veterinarian, Dr. Chrysa Dunser, is a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist and applies this technique to assist in the healing process for many conditions including musculoskeletal problem, respiratory problems and gastrointestinal issues.

Low-Stress Nail Shortening

Traditional nail trimming can be very traumatizing for many dogs and can also result in bleeding nails and unsatisfactory results. In another effort to commit to our Low Stress Handling philosophy, we are offering a new and improved method of shortening nails that is quick, stress free, and will leave your dog’s nails looking super short.