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Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic wants its employees to be enriched both in and out of the hospital. We’re pleased we can offer a highly competitive and comprehensive benefits package to our employees. Our benefits package is designed to help our employees stay healthy, meet their long-term financial goals, as well as balance the demands of work and personal life. The information below provides a list of our employee benefits:

Medical insurance, Dental insurance, Life Insurance, Paid time off (vacation, holidays, etc.) 401(k) plan with matching contribution, Uniforms, Discounted Veterinary Care.

Currently hiring for a FT Experienced Veterinary Receptionist. Submit your application here: https://www.indeed.com/job/experienced-veterinary-receptionist-f9d4745f7fa30e3e?_gl=1xuooj0_gcl_awR0NMLjE3MDE3MjU3NTAuQ2p3S0NBaUFqcmFyQmhBV0Vpd0EycVdkQ05UQVhsbG80VkVkYUJvdzhqVDBZeldXUVlPcUk1bnIxSVladF9Kelp3RVVHSUpxZlVEU1JCb0NYekFRQXZEX0J3RQ.._gcl_dcR0NMLjE3MDE3MjU3NTAuQ2p3S0NBaUFqcmFyQmhBV0Vpd0EycVdkQ05UQVhsbG80VkVkYUJvdzhqVDBZeldXUVlPcUk1bnIxSVladF9Kelp3RVVHSUpxZlVEU1JCb0NYekFRQXZEX0J3RQ.._gcl_au*MTU1MTIxNjcwLjE3MDE3MjU2OTk.