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    Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic is proud to be certified in Low Stress Handling for both dogs & cats

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    Integrative Veterinary Medicine

    By using a combination of conventional Western medicine and complimentary therapies such as herbs, warm laser therapy, acupuncture, nutrition, and nutraceuticals, we feel we are able to treat the whole patient rather than the just the underlying disease to achieve overall wellness and health.

    Cat Boarding

    Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic offers boarding for our feline patients. We have a special “cats only” boarding room that is quiet and separated from the dog areas of the hospital.

    Medical Records

    Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic offers our clients the chance to access their pet's medical records through our ePet Health Pet Portal and through our clinic App that is available through the Google Play Store and Itunes Store.

    Vet Services

    We provide the best integrative veterinary medicine in South Tampa. Our passion is to bring health and happiness to our patients by providing traditional and unique comprehensive veterinary services.

    Low Stress Certified

    Our clinic is proud to be a Silver Certified Low Stress Handling Clinic and we are dedicated to making our patients feel safe and calm when under our care. A stress free pet is a happy pet!